8 Ways To Turn A Fan Into Super Fan

Everybody wants to know How To Turn A Fan Into Super Fan. We all recognize the step up, unless you don’t, in which case let me explain.


A fan likes you or your music/product.

A super fan goes out of their way to support your efforts, including buying from you and recommending you to others.

It’s clear to see the benefits. The uprising of every artist/creator that you know was fuelled by super fans. That leap from getting respect for what you do, to getting that plus unrivalled support and an army of people that are fighting for your cause. Theres a huge difference.

In this article, we will be breaking down 4 Ways To Turn A Fan Into Super Fan

How To Turn A Fan Into Super Fan


1. Target The Right Ones

Turn A Fan Into A Super Fan

Make sure the people you are trying to make in to fans and super fans even have the potential.

Not everybody is meant to be your fan. If you’re hardline vegan for example and that is the message you push, it makes no sense to try to turn Jeff, 38 who likes the EpicMealTime page on Facebook.

Spend time on facebook dipping into groups and on posts that resonate with your interests and ideas. That way you can ensure you are talking to and converting like-minds.

Stop wasting your time and energy that people who quite simply are not the right fit for your movement.

2. Send Them A Message

Turn A Fan Into A Super Fan

Very, very simple. Do you know how many fans of others are out there being ignored? They’re commenting on artists posts, videos and photos every day, yet the artist ignores them.

Back when music was restricted to the radio, live events and the record store, having an air of mystery was natural. Not only that, but there was no social media and fans never had access to the artist.

Now, today, they are able to send us messages directly. Now we can ignore them or keep it generic (Like ‘thanks bro’ really inspires support lol) or we can take some time out of our day to reply, thank them for what they have to say, ask them a question or even let them know about something coming that the general public doesn’t know yet.

The important thing is to have them feel listened to and that they are someone important in what you do.

Now would this advice make a difference to someone like Drake or J Cole? Well, maybe not but as an artist on social media looking to turn a fan into a super fan, this can be the bread and butter of your networking tactic.

3. Create Fan-Focused Content

Turn A Fan Into A Super Fan

You make your music, possibly music videos, you’ve done the occasional interview. Fan-focused content is going to be how to turn a fan into a super fan. The first tip can be very time consuming – but works. This tip however can be so easy to do in regards to reaching more people in less time.

A weekly video for example, with you talking to your fans will change your game. A chance to talk about your week, mention a few fans by name, share some lessons and show them who you are as a person.

Whether it’s in a mini-documentary format (Which gives the impression of real work being done) or a live Q/A (which allows you to build a real connection with individuals) or both.

This kind of content is essential. Music no longer speaks for its self and it is us who need to be speaking to people in order for them to want to invest their time and money into us.

4.  Let Them Help With Your Decisions

Are you stuck for which track off your album to push?
Do you have several cover art/logo ideas you cant pick from?

Allow your fans to feel their opinions are important to you and matter by making it so. Start a poll or just ask the question and go with the majority.

5. Create A Group/Community

turn a fan into a super fan

What better way to contact your fans in one place? Create a group on facebook or a group chat on any platform, which is an easy way to keep people updated. This will be a great platform to execute the previous 3 steps.

The best way to use this idea is to create a community. Find opportunities to create discussion between the members and allow them to work together. The more friends they make in the group, the more empowered they will feel. If people can feel empowered and gain friends, through your platform and efforts, they will credit a lot of that to you.

When fans are united, with you in common, you will have a whole army behind you!

6. Meet-Ups

turn a fan into a super fan

In co-ordination with #4, you could arrange a meet up for the members of your group. This can be difficult if the locations vary between them but maybe you could pick a spot thats central to the majority? Or even do a few in different places? Imagine the unity they would feel with you. After that, you will feel like a team.


7. Offer Fan-exclusive Discounts

If you can afford to, offer discounts on your products/services to fans. If you’re performing in a certain town where some of your fans live, throw them on the guest list, give them free entry, or even just buy them a drink and stick around after your set for a chat.

8. Share Your Interests

Yeah you make music but what else do you do? Do you play or watch any sports? Who’s your favourite team or athlete? Where do you like to eat and party? What’s your favourite movie or TV show?

These are things people can relate to, or even something people can healthily debate you on. Common interests will build rapport and also give you and them something to talk about.

Share your interests!

How To Turn A Fan Into Super Fan


There are so many ways to turn a fan into a super fan. The main theme in this article is to make the effort with your fans and make them feel important. Almost everything needs to be focused on the fans as well as what they want and what they need.

At the end of the day the fans are the ones who watch us and buy from us. If we can’t make the effort for them then why would we expect them to make the effort with us.

It’s about being switched on as well as conscious and constantly looking for opportunities to give back.

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8 Ways To Turn A Fan Into A Super Fan
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