Advanced Music Marketing


Advanced music marketing skills can be hard to learn. It’s not hard because they’re particularly difficult to figure out, it’s just hard to find. That’s because when you search for music marketing info, it’s swamped by a ton of diluted, buzzword rich articles.

Tips like:

Use Your Social Media

Build Your Fanbase

The basic of basic. Articles made just to capture traffic.

Look, i’m not Lyor Cohen but in this article i’m going to share with you some ideas and techniques that have helped me and my clients, get ahead of the basic grind.

Advanced Music Marketing

What is Advanced Music Marketing? Advanced music marketing is building systems. It’s not  constantly sitting at your phone/laptop and doing everything manually. There’s not enough time in the day to do all the work required sometimes. For that reason we build automated systems and find shortcuts for the things that we must do manually.

It’s not just systems, it’s also skills that separate your average content creator from a professional. So in this article i’m going to be sharing with you, a few ways that you can start to get ahead of the competition.

1. Copy Writing

Copy Writing

Not to be confused with Copyrighting, Copy Writing is the art of formulating text and speech to catch and keep the attention of the reader. Prevalent in sales and advertising, Copy Writing can take you from making some change online to thousands a week/month.

There is a language in marketing that hooks people, it’s almost like magic. It’s very intentional. It’s making your statements easy to read. Your Copy is successful when you can get someone to take an action. Here’s a few tips to help you along the way.

Big blocks of text are a no go. It’s hard to get people to read what we post as it is. It’s always a bad idea to give people too much to digest. A wall of text is gonna guarantee that the majority of people will keep scrolling.

Personal Tip:
When you write like this

The next part is so easy to read

That you can’t help but to

Read on because it’s so…

Easy to digest.

Make It Necessary


Is every sentence necessary? One mistake people make when it comes to sales copy is trying to tell people everything at the first opportunity. Flirt with the reader a little, leave them wanting more but give them enough to be satisfied now. Don’t add filler content, unless it has a specific purpose. Personal Tip: Write out everything you want to say in full and then look to shave what you can off  it, until you’re happy with it.


Tell A Story

storytelling copy writing

People love relatable. When you’re selling or promoting something you have to endear people and put yourself in their shoes.

Give them the feeling of the problem, talk them through the process of making the decision, buying the product and the results they will see from it. It essentially should be your story, but you’re trying to make it their story too.
Personal Tip: Make them visualize themselves buying the product. Use things like; Imagine you could buy this product and make $1000 this week. Ask rhetorical questions to make them actually think. “How would it feel to pay off your debt”, “Can you picture your children having all the things you never had?”


Know Your Audience

know your audience

You have to consider who you are targeting. They should feel catered to and that what you are writing is for them individually. The reader should feel like you are talking directly to them so you have to provide references they can relate to as you write.

Personal Tip: Use cultural references, if your aiming for the kind of people who are likely to be vegan, you could say something like; “There I was spending my last 11 dollars on chickpeas and tofu to try and last the week” it brings people more and more into trusting you.

These are just a few tips to help you bolster your ads and social media updates. If you would be interested in a whole article on this topic, please let me know in the comment section at the bottom.

2. Analytics

Everybody knows about analytics. Most people however just use analytics to see how many views they have but analytics are way more useful than that.

I’m not sure which analytics you’re focused on. Some of you will be more focused on google analytics than Facebook or Youtube rather than Google. For that reason, i’ll be trying to guide you with general analytics tips.

Who You WANT vs Who You Get.

Views are not worth as much as you think they are. Of course, we need views, we fight for views but which views do we need? We need views from people who are interested in our content/product.

You could have one million views with no sales/conversions or you could have 100 views and sell 5 products. Not all views are good views.

You need to be closely following your stats. In this instance we will talk about demographics.

First of all you need to know the person who buys into someone like you. If you make pop music for 18-24 year old women and you have a majority viewership of 40+ year old men, it can’t be a surprise when you don’t convert.

Personal Tip: If you’re not hitting the right target audience, you need to tweak your entry points to your content. Use the analytics to find out where people are coming from on the internet and make changes to where those entry points are, or how they are presented.


Study Them Consistently

Analytical study has to be frequent, even daily. Most platforms update the stats live and so you always get the fresh look when you check them. You need to stay on track and make sure that you are still appealing to your correct audience.

Even the slightest changes daily, for example views dropping on trend can change things drastically. If you wait a month before checking your analytics you might be too late to make the adjustments you need to fix problems that your analytics are proving.

Personal Tip: Insert – checking your analytics into your daily schedule, give yourself 10 minutes at the end of each working day to dedicate to them.


Follow The Journey

When users arrive at your content, the journey has already started. Wherever they’ve come from and wherever they go afterwards is important to you. As mentioned previously, you must always bolster peoples entry point.

Not only that but you must study their behaviour whilst you have them. Do they follow up with another page/piece of content, or they do they bounce half way through? Knowing this information will help you to know your weak points. Knowing your weak points will help you a develop ideas to keep people on your platform.

Personal Tip: Give people a call to action at the end of your content. Rather than them having to choose for themselves where to go next, recommend the next destination for them. You’ll see me do it at the end of this article.

Email/Chat Marketing.

Advanced Music Marketing

It’s not enough to hope that people come back to visit you. People forget about good things they find on the internet and also sometimes don’t think to subscribe/follow someone no matter how much they like that person/brand. You have to be actively finding a way to contact people who show interest in you after they find you.

They best way to do that is through Email and Chat marketing. Whether that is setting up an email autoresponder system and a series of follow up emails to move them closer towards a sale and check out new content or a messenger bot that does the same thing.

The idea is you get people to sign up to one of these and drip feed new or existing content that they maybe haven’t seen yet and along the way insert some sales messages to potentially convert them.


Every. Freaking. Time.


Whenever somebody reaches your content, you need to present the opportunity for them to sign up. You never know who would be interested to follow you more closely and be willing to hear from you regularly so make sure those people are converted at the earliest opportunity.

The sooner you do it, the sooner they begin to digest your content and become aware of what you have for sale. Remember, you can’t win the lottery without a ticket, i.e if they don’t know about your product, how can they spend money with you?

Personal Tip: Mention your email/chat sign up in your videos or in the description and get a plugin for your website. If you’re new to this website, you’ll have seen a bar at the top of the page that gives you the opportunity to sign up to mine. Don’t let people get away without having the option!


Build The Personal Connection

Advanced Music Marketing

Just because the messages are automated, that doesn’t mean that they need to feel impersonal. Remember, these people who are signing up are likely to be your demographic and as such use references and language they best understand.

The more the identify and relate to you, the more they trust and connect with you. They need to feel important and as such you need to treat them that way. If someone replies to your emails, make sure you hit them back.
Personal Tip: Most platforms will allow you to insert the persons name through a specific code. Instead of  ‘Hi friend’ or a simple ‘Hey’ say ‘Hi David’ or ‘Hey Erica’. This will make them feel like the message is for them personally.

Be Relentless

If someone had dope content that I enjoyed, I would have no problem receiving it as much as they could send it. Make sure to stay in touch with them often – at least once or twice a week. The more they hear from you, the more present you are in their minds.

This is going to lead to more views, more interaction and more conversions.

Personal Tip: Don’t be afraid to lose subscribers. If people don’t want to hear from us then they are just dead weight on our list anyways. We are in the business of finding the people who can’t get enough of us and our brands,  forget everyone else.


Advanced Music Marketing

Look, marketing online can be difficult when you don’t know what information you need. Hopefully this is enough to get you started in doing some things that you didn’t know about before. Stay actively seeking information like this and you will start to see incredible results.

If you have additional questions, please comment below!

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Advanced Music Marketing (3 Music Marketing Techniques)