Find Your Motivation Again 


It’s no small task to Find Your Motivation. Even harder in my experience, is finding your motivation again once you’ve lost it.

I don’t know if you are a follower of mine. If you aren’t I would like to provide some backstory.

I am a personal motivation creator/writer but I haven’t always been. My first foray into online business was in music production. In 2013 I began making beats and whilst I wasn’t particularly great at it to begin with, I was willing to go above and beyond in learning how to sell it.

My music improved but my real talent was in creating content around it. Whilst my beats were selling as a by-product my real progression and money was being made through my content.

Find Your Motivation Again

I built a youtube channel of over 6000 subscribers, a blog that was pulling thousands of views daily and my marketing and sales products, combined with beat and merch sales saw me making over 50,000 in the three years I was consistently focused.

That’s only just 16k a year on average but it was enough for me to do this full-time and pay my bills. Not only that but I was able to fly out to meet my American friends twice and not worry about spending while I was there.

I’ve coached over 40 people and helped a good number of them do the same. Not all of them because a coach can only do so much for a person but enough to feel I was doing a good job.


Finding My Motivation Again (When I Lost It)


I was on my way. Then I found out I was having a daughter and decided to fall back and focus all my time and energy on my partner through her pregnancy. I’m a very one track minded person in a sense that i’m not great at spinning multiple plates. Give me one plate and I will spin the hell out of that plate. Trying to focus on multiple things gives me anxiety.

Eventually I decided to stop doing the online stuff and get a job for more security. I promised myself it was a short break and that once the baby didn’t need to be catered to every second of her waking day I would come back.

Here I am.

For months i’ve been trying to find my motivation and kill my new toxic habits. I’ve taken to video games once the baby is in bed and junk food. I’ve been unable to go to the gym due to Covid-19 and could easily do press ups, crunches and go running but…it’s no longer built into my mindset like it once was.

I’m…almost a mess. In a holding position in life. Comfortable, tubby and constantly in an average mood. So far from the person I once was. My girlfriend actually told me the other day that i’m not who I used to be and that the person she met was full of life and inspiring. It’s time to change.


The Quest To Find Motivation


I know what to do, i’ve done it before. One thing that i’m finding difficult is comparing myself to what I used to be. I’m out of the loop so can I give advice? I haven’t studied marketing in a minute, are people operating differently now?

I know this way of thinking will be detrimental, so my first step is to treat this like a brand new journey. Kind of like, if you could go back knowing what you know now.

I can do it because i’ve done it. All I have to do is take action. That’s all that any of us need to do. We have to be aware of who we are and where we are. We need to know our weaknesses and strength and work on them. Studying where the game is, is important. 

No matter how hard it gets my purpose will get me there. My daughter needs a role model for a father. I can’t let my daughter think she has to get in line and follow the system. I need to be the kind of partner my girlfriend can be proud of.

I’ve started back on instagram, creating content. Now i’m here writing this post to hold myself accountable and the next post will be something incredible to help you with your situation. Next is videos that will do the same thing.

Find Your Motivation Again (When You’ve Lost It)


I lost my motivation but I’m going to fight to find it again and I can’t help but feel as though you have felt this way at some point or will in the future. Just know that you’re not the only one and there is a way to find it. You are also not too cool to admit your struggles and be open about it. You have no idea how good I feel for just emptying these thoughts in my mind into this post. I will be updating this post multiple times in the future to share my progress. So sign up using this form so I can update you directly!

I wish you all the best and hope that you stay with me on this journey to find my motivation again.




Find Your Motivation Again (When You’ve Lost It)