How To Get Started In Online Business

So with all this hype about making a living online, you’re maybe spending your days going to work and hating it. Perhaps you don’t hate it, perhaps you like what you do, just maybe you wish you were doing it for yourself? Let’s talk about how to get started in online business.

I promise you that the things I can teach you will set you up to leave your job and straight into a business that is already working for you, with no overlap where you have cash flow problems. That is if you follow every step and really give it your all to get started in online business.

Step 1: The Decision

Get Started In Online Business


The first step is the decision.

There’s one particular decision that defines whether or not your venture will be successful and that is the decision that you will overcome every obstacle needed to make this change in your life. It’s all good saying you want this and putting in a little work but a little work is not enough. A lot of work sometimes isn’t enough, the amount of work that needs to be done is the amount of work that is required to make it happen, point blank period.

This is a decision to sacrifice, this is a decision to change as a person, to become the person that you need to be in order to get the job done.

 Step 2: Pick A Niche

Get Started In Online Business


This step is incredibly important. Often people think they have to buy into the latest trend, or pick a niche thats already ventured. While this can bear some results, you can set up anything, anywhere and have it be extremely successful as long as it’s done in the right way.

What are your interests? Better yet, what is the ONE thing that you know/are good at better than anything else?

That’s where you need to be operating, something you can talk about endlessly, something that you are an expert in.

It doesn’t matter if it’s fishing, dancing, cars, beauty, weightlifting. If you know a lot and it is a part of your life, you can do very well in your niche. As long as like I said, you do it the right way.

Step 3: The Structure

If you’re fresh in the online business world, it might seem extremely overwhelming. It’s very simple though.

You create a website, you write about what you love,, you either create products or become an affiliate for another companies products, you use social media/ads to funnel people towards your website, they explore your content, they sign up to your email list or find themselves on your product/offer page and hopefully purchase.

The more traffic you can get to your website, likely the more sales you make. It’s really that simple as far as structure goes. Of course it will take some time and knowledge to put this structure together but i’m going to teach you how, for now carry on to the next step.

Step 4: Building A Website

Get Started In Online Business

Your website is going to be the central core to your business.

The idea is you fill it with content about your niche. It could be how to’s, stories, discussions anything that is going to entice people who share your interests to click the link, read the information you present and resonate with what they find enough to want to become a regular visitor and become a fan of you and what you do.

Your website is going to feature everything that could be of benefit to your audience that you have to offer. The more helpful your content is, the easier to digest you make it, the more success you are going to have with it.

Don’t know how to build a website? It’s simple, you purchase hosting from a website such as godaddy, bluehost or hostgator, install wordpress on the server, download/buy a theme, install it and start adding things! It might take some time to get your head round it but it’s simple. If you would like me to teach you how to build the website yourself, keep following these steps

Step 5: Building An Email List

Get Started In Online Business


Building an email list is a fundamental part of the online marketing process. It may seem like it’s behind the times but people who spend money online are always checking their emails. How many times have you got an email from your favourite store with a 40% voucher and gone ahead and bought something. I know I’ve done it a lot and so have others.


It’s not as simple as collecting emails, the process needs to be hands free. You’re going to be busy running your business, creating content and going about your day. You’re not going to have the time (or at least it would be better spent) to collect every email and email them individually.

No, what we want is an email autoresponder examples are; Aweber, Mailchimp, GetReponse.

What an autoresponder does is automatically send to the emails you collect. You can set up as many emails as you want in a row and every time somebody signs up to your email list they will go through them in order. New content, new ideas, new offers, new discounts, your customers will be receiving them as often as you specify.

Keep going through these steps at the end you will get a chance to learn how to do it in more detail.


Step 6: Using Social Media

Get Started In Online Business


As we all know, social media is an integral part of most peoples everyday life. That means that we need to place a huge emphasis on our strategy there.

The trick to social media is to work your way into peoples daily lives. This can be done by sharing relatable videos, images, ideas and statuses, most specifically in your particular niche.

If you are launching a beauty brand, you’re going to be posting make-up tutorials, new product launches, funny memes about when make up goes wrong and things along those lines.Things that people who are devoted to you niche want to see

You are going to be asking questions, finding out what they want, what they want more of, what they do, what things they like. This is going to help you collect data and hone in on how to exactly to serve your audience and prospective customers.

You are going to use this information to grow your followers and serve them the best content that fits their needs, when you are giving them what they want to see, occasionally you will be slipping in your offers and products. They are not following you to specifically buy from you, you are getting their attention by giving them what they want to see, effectively warming them up and having them engaged in what you want them to see thereafter.


Step 7: Products To Sell

Get Started In Online Business


Now of course the number one reason most people don’t make money online is that they don’t have a product. Sounds like common sense but you would be surprised how many people ask me why they aren’t making money online and when I ask them what they have for sale they say nothing yet.



Whether you’re deciding to create your own product or sell somebody else there are a few things you need to consider.


Does it fit your niche?
Is it value for money?
Would people even buy it?

Now for somebody who is opting to create their own products its simple. You can simply write up a few thousand words on a topic of value, then visit Fiverr and have it formatted and designed into an ebook. Some other alternatives include making a video course/tutorials or an audiobook.

Of course you can sell services also, maybe graphic design or mentoring, be aware though that services take up your time whilst products can be set up to go, so once its finished, out and added to your funnel, it’s running on autopilot. Services need more maintenance.

If you don’t have the time or simply don’t want to create your own products you can always just sell somebody elses. The website JVZoo is a marketplace where you can search for any kind of product you think will appeal to your audience. Here you can sign up as an affiliate to as many as you want to and begin selling them for a commission to your audience.


Step 8: Building A Network

Get Started In Online Business


One of the most important aspects to having any kind of impact online is having a strong network. A network is all about connections, being able to at any moment reach out to someone who can help you (or visa versa). The importance is that you will have a solution to every problem you face because you will always have someone who knows/does what you don’t. Not only that but it offers many opportunities to co-create and get started in online business.

The art of creating a network is in great, contextual conversation. Think more depth than width. You don’t need a hundred people you kind of know, you need ten people you know extremely well. Reach out to people you admire on a regular basis and advance the conversation, not idle chatter, make the conversation meaningful.

Work with them, don’t settle at a friendship, build a working relationship through collaboration and customer referral. For example, if you don’t design graphics but a customer or potential asks you, simply refer them to the graphic designer you’ve struck a relationship up with.

A beautiful thing about a network is how you can share your fans/audiences between each other, thus your whole network grows as does it’s power. Not to mention having another influencer share your product launch is going to do you some huge favours!

Get Started In Online Business

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