The 5 Biggest Mistakes Music Artists Make Online


The mistakes music artists make obviously cannot be summarized in 5 points. It’s my aim in this article however to give you 5 of the most important ones to allow you to correct them if you are making them. On the other hand this article will also be reassurance for those who are not committing these mistakes.

First of all, mistakes are meant to be made. It’s only through constant failure do we find out what doesn’t work. We can not find out what does work without finding those mistakes out. Whilst going out and making mistakes can be recommended, what is more forgiving on your time and resources is to learn from others.

So without further ado, stick with me as I break down The 4 Biggest Mistakes Music Artists Make Online.

Mistakes Music Artists Make Online

1. Self Entitled Attitude.

Mistakes Music Artists Make Online

Nobody owes you, your talent alone doesn’t deserve respect and you’re not above anybody else.

Many artists and other creatives suffer with a God complex and don’t even realize it. When we come up with ideas, surprising and surpassing ourselves we expect others to see it too.

It’s important to remember how many other music artists there are online. Think of all the instagram comments and DM’s, spammy Facebook Groups & Youtube comments. There has to be at the very least tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands in the same position as you trying to catch a break.

Who is getting given an opportunity with that kind of competition? The self entitled unlikable prick? Or the cool, respectful artist?

2. Amateur Hour

Mistakes Music Artists Make Online

When you just get started making music, or even first start promoting it online, this one we can forgive you for. If you are a few years deep in music and promotion and your product isn’t up to scratch then you’re losing.

Still using your phone or an old dynamic mic for vocals?
Still doing a bad job of cutting yourself out of pics for your artwork?
Are you still using tagged beats?

Stop it.

Not only that but your stuff needs to be registered and licensed, you need to be on all the major platforms and you need to be presenting yourself as someone who is the real deal. You have to be rocking with quality, your stuff needs to sound good against the people who are really making things happen, or how you can you hope to compete?

It costs to even be respected in this game let alone to really have an impact. I wish there was a way to bunch all the amateurs in their own space on the internet…oh wait, there’s Reverbnation lol.

3. Posting, waiting. Posting, waiting.

Mistakes Music Artists Make Online

You know the type or are the type. This kind of person has all the consistency in the world, it’s just in the wrong place.

It’s so easy to fall into this trap. This usually happens through blind faith. We believe so much in our content and what we put out there that we believe it’s just a matter of time until something catches.

This becomes our comfort zone and if we don’t break out of that we’re going to get a few years down the line and either quit or kick our own butts for not realising sooner that we’ve been mindless drones that don’t even deserve support or followers. Well, those of us with a sense of self awareness anyway.

4. Spamming

Mistakes Music Artists Make Online

We all know this one. We get a batch of notifications and the curiosity begins.

Have I gone semi-viral?
Did a fan ask me where to buy my merch?
Has a major influencer made contact?
Did a friend comment something hilarious?


Mc StruggleRap thought my status about what my favourite Pop-Tart is the perfect place on the internet to post his struggle tracks.

Can you get views like this? I mean, sure the number on your video may increase…In all likelihood however nobody is going to click your link and if they do, you’re probably trash anyway because you’re not smart enough to realise spamming isn’t a viable tactic for growth, so you probably rap…special…

This goes for inboxes too…cool trick i’ve used for years, put out an update asking people to like it if they’re happy to be tagged when you drop something new, this way it’s a lot less aggressive and spammy…and you still get that initial boost in reach.

5. Following The Leader

Mistakes Music Artists Make Online

The idea behind this one is that many artist out there are busy chasing the people they look up to. Whilst its great to look up to people and draw inspiration, we have to recognize they are different people, with different personalities, connections and audiences.

Can we look at the things they’ve done and put our own spin on it? Absolutely but let’s not get carried away.

This grind may take you a year, it may take you six, who knows? Don’t compare your journey to somebody elses. Just know that if you are working in a smart way, consistently, that you will make progress and if you do everything you need to do, you will get there.

Mistakes Music Artists Make Online

These are just a sample of the mistakes being made on a daily basis in online music. Of course there are some who would argue that they’re not the worst and it would be fair to say.

Regardless, these mistakes are a bad look for anybody who hasn’t realized the errors for themselves and are repeat offenders. If that means you, I recommend you stop what you’re doing and figure out a new strategy to move forward with. I can help you there, check this one out: 4 Things Successful Independent Artists Online Do That Others Don’t

I’d love to have given you even more but I came up with a better idea. I want you to comment below some of the worst mistakes you or others have made online. The best ones will be added to a new section on this post, with a credit to you and a link to your website or Instagram.



Mistakes Music Artists Make (The 5 Worst Ones)