4 Music Artist Branding Templates That WORK

Music Artist Branding


Music Artist Branding is a subject that evades a lot of peoples thinking. In fact, the word brand or branding confuses a lot of people.

Is branding the logo? The sound? Or is branding the way you talk to your audience? The answer is all of them. People just complicate the process. In trying to consider everything they exhaust themselves and lose their way. Artists often overthink the idea and constantly second-guess themselves resulting in a lot of confusion for themselves and the people watching.

It’s our aim in this article to give you a…nudge so to speak.

We’re going to lay out 4 different examples of artist branding, break them down to their basic form and hopefully help give you – an artist a push in the right direction.

4 Music Artist Branding Templates

The Funny One

Music Artist Branding

Crank Lucas is a comedian/rapper/producer. Whilst music may be his overall goal, he managed to get his name in front of him through comedy. His strategy was to take common situations that rappers/artists find themselves in and create comedy skits based on them.

At the same time, he is constantly creating his own music, both beats and songs. Whilst his music may not have been getting the attention he wanted in the beginning, once his comedy skits started going viral, he got a ton of eyes on his music.

Why it works: People don’t log in to social media for music. They may consume some along the way but social media is a place for people to speak to their friends, make new ones and kill time looking for things they’re interested in.

One thing that everybody loves to do is laugh. If you can be the source of laughter for people you can bet they’ll be willing to give you their time and eventually their money.


The Wise One

music artist branding

Love him or hate him, Nino is is doing a great job using the wisdom template. Frequently uploading video content directly to his audience, he is helping people find their confidence and make better decisions when it comes to their life.

His videos range from recognizing fake friends to making better financial decisions and through these efforts, people are willing to give him their time in listening to and buying/streaming his music.

Why it works: Life is hard. We’re all out here looking for an answer, some tip, some piece of advice that can help us reach the next level. If you can provide that for people it will build reciprocity.

Reciprocity means that people want to return the favour. If you can help them get through their life or make it a little easier they will be more than happy to help you push your music and support your efforts.

The Peoples Champ

music artist branding

CG Kid is actually a friend of mine that I once worked with. He used to make music and just put it out like most people do. He hired me as a coach and everything clicked into place. CG came to understand that nobody really cares about your music and as a former meth addict and other drugs, he learned that his life experience and recovery is not only helpful to people like him but also interesting to those who haven’t been through it.

He began to create video content and structure his posts in a way to help educate and enlighten both addicts and those curious. One of his videos got picked up and went viral on Reddit. Ever since, his trajectory has increased massively. He’s currently sitting at just short of 200,000 youtube subscribers, with multiple million+ views and growing.

Music isn’t so much of a focus for him anymore because through his journey he has been interview for news stations, collaborated with huge Youtubers in his niche and has realised a different purpose. However now, when he does drop his music from time to time, he gets the ears he sought for in the first place.

Why it works: Similar to ‘The Wise One’, by inspiring and educating, the peoples champ gets people on their side. The difference being that instead of general advice or content, the peoples champ champions a specific cause.

Whether it’s drugs, financial literacy, depression, bereavement, use a cause to unite people behind you.


The Controversial One

Music Artist Branding

Tom Mcdonald thrives on controversy. The obvious choice here would have been Tekashi 69 however I think Tom Mcdonald offers a different experience and is an example of someone doing well without being all over the headlines and having billions of streams.

Tom Mcdonald is a rapper who is challenging the status quo, especially in terms of race. Personally i’m not a fan and nor do I agree with a lot of his views I can appreciate what he is going for.

His look got peoples attention and once he had it he courted that attention. Dropping music with views that you have to agree or disagree with, he polarizes people.

Why it works: Love you or hate you, the number one thing you need in the marketing game is people to talk about you. Millions could hate you but you only need a few thousand, paying customers/fans to change your life.

Your fans will share you because they love and people who hate you will share you because….they hate you lol.

Music Artist Branding Templates

So hopefully these music artist branding templates can push you in the right direction if you are stuck. There are plenty more variations and none of these are black and white, you could even be a combination of all of them. The one thing that is for sure, is that you have to be switched on, with a strategy and knowing what you’re doing, regardless.

I’d be interesting in doing another post wit ha few more templates, if that’s something you would like to say, please leave a comment below.

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Music Artist Branding – 4 Templates That WORK
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