Why The ‘Music Scene’ Is A Thing Of The Past


Let’s discuss why you don’t need a music scene to make it. We live in a very different time to those artists we saw come up when we were younger. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that 2010 was 10 years ago right?

Let’s just use the year 2010 by example to realize how different it was. The latest iPhone was the 3gs, the first iPad was released and Instagram launched for the first time.

So in a game where social media and technology are so vital, particularly in our time, you can only remember how different the music marketing game was back then.

What’s this got to do with anything though?

For most artists, the grind hasn’t evolved much since then.

Do We Need A Music Scene?

In current times we have the most tools and resources. In fact, if you are yet to build some kind of following whether large or small you have completely taken that for granted this far.

Music Scene

We can go live at any moment and talk to people watching. We can use free apps to create stunning artwork and content and we have camera phones that can give us close to pro-quality.

So for us to not have solid, digestible content around our music is a BIG problem and a tell-tale sign that we either lack the vision or work ethic it takes to assemble an audience.

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Ways To Come Up With Content

This ability is what makes our path unique and gives us an edge compared to a time like say, 2010.

Why You Don’t Need The Music Scene

The biggest difference is that we essentially need nothing from anybody besides willing eyes and ears from potential fans. We don’t need a scene any more.

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In earlier times, artists had to come up through a circuit or have connections with gatekeepers and enablers in the industry like Lyor Cohen or LA Reid or had to have their whole city behind them and leave the game no choice but to let them in.


music scene

Now, all an artist needs are the audience and once the artist has the audience they are empowered.

The Alternative To The Music Scene

music scene

The beauty of this new age is that you can technically take over the world without even leaving your house.

You can make your money online, build a home studio, buy a camera. You could even get your groceries delivered and literally never leave! (DGMGM does not recommend this lol)

This is true independence and true DIY. For you to rely on others, waiting around and not being able to get other creatives to see your vision is no longer needed.

Of course, if your quality doesn’t match up to the high-quality content that is out there you will need to collaborate. You can also find the information online to reach that quality.

No person is an island and I am certainly not recommending to go this alone with no help or collaboration. The previous points are just an extreme to advocate that if it came down to it, we could do this alone.

Life Without A Music Scene

Applying this mentality going forward is going to make you strong. There should be no pressure to be liked by the people you grew up around. You don’t need the love from the streets and neither will you need you pretend to be something you are not.

Want clarity on who you are as a brand?

Music Artist Branding

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to be at every open mic or that you need to sell tickets for performance slots.

Don’t get me wrong, these things do help but if its just not who you are, relieve the pressure to do them and focus on the things that your personal audience appreciate.

How To Use This Post

Whilst friends are an asset in the music business, you don’t need to beg or go beyond your principles to impress others. Not every thing that is useful is necessary. It’s useful to have big name features. It’s useful to make a name in your city and it’s useful to know a plug for getting gigs.

Regardless, all you need now is an audience. However you see fit to build that audience. That is an artists’ true power in todays music business. When you have an audience they will call you.

Why The ‘Music Scene’ Is A Thing Of The Past
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