Spotify Promotion (5 Ways To Promote Your Spotify)

Spotify promotion

Spotify promotion is a large part of what is putting artists in a position to win in the current climate of the music industry. We can say the streaming business in general is booming, the reason I hone in on Spotify is because;

1. It’s one of the most popular.
2. I use it personally.

Now of course, this blog post is only relevant for those artists who’s music is on the streaming platforms. If that doesn’t apply to you, take a long think about whether or not the music business is for you because for you to not be on streaming platforms in 2019, is bad news.

Spotify Promotion (5 Ways To Promote Your Spotify)

Submit To Spotify Playlists

Spotify Promotion

The culture on Spotify is very much about playlists. When you listen to a lot of a certain type of music or a particular artist/band, Spotify creates custom playlists for you. These playlists contain both the music you listen to and music that is similar to that.

Not only is there Spotify generated playlists, users can also create their own. The more playlists you can get your music on, the greater chance you have to get heard on Spotify.

How do you get featured on Spotify playlists? Its hard to find a way to contact playlist owners but when you use a website like Soundplate it gets a lot easier. Soundplate allows playlist owners to submit their playlist to their website. Artists can now submit their music to the hundreds of playlists on the website. You can search genre’s, tempos, themes and find the best fit for your music.

You’re not guaranteed a spot on anyones playlist but if the music is good and you’re hitting playlists every day, it’s only a matter of time before you get on some good ones, when i’m doing some Spotify marketing for clients I aim for at least 5 submissions a day.

Other great website to submit to Spotify playlists include: Dailyplaylists.com and IndieMono

Want a head start on getting your music on a Spotify playlist? Make sure to submitto our Spotify playlist here

Create A Spotify Playlist

How To Promote Spotify

You could always start your own playlist. Don’t make the mistake of making the playlist all about you. A smart artist will choose popular songs from popular artists that are similar to them and then weave their own music in.

Why does this work? Well let’s say you make similar music to Drake, you would fill a playlist of songs from Drake and others who sound similar, then every few tracks put on of yours in.

Your playlist stands a chance of showing up on peoples suggested playlists because its full of drake songs and boom, drake fans will get to hear your stuff too.

Now you can go ahead and start promoting your playlist because its easier to promote Drake than it is to promote your own music that people aren’t interested in – yet.

Not only will this be good for getting your own music heard but once your playlist grows some clout, you can use it as an asset to procure business and connections with others artists/managers/producers etc.

Share A Playlist With Others

Spotify promotion

This one isn’t for everyone and can be hard to maintain politics-wise. The idea is that several artists lock arms to create a playlist that features all of their music. If all of these artists go hard and share the load of promoting the playlist, you could garner some great results.

The problem is and as you are all aware, most people aren’t going to pull their weight. However if you have some artist friends you can trust then this might be a great idea to pool fanbases and get some real work done.

For added affect, establish a group chat and rules for being a part of the playlist to make it much more efficient and only do this with people you can trust and you know will pull their own weight.

Social Media Ads

How To Promote Spotify

This one doesn’t need much explanation. If you want people to see something of yours on the internet, the easiest way is through social media ads. You know what your audience likes? For example if you make music fans of Hopsin would like, you advertise to Hopsin fans. If you make music that Lil Uzi Vert fans like, it’s a no brainer on who to advertise to.

The cost of the ads vs what you get paid for streams means this will cost more than you will gain, as far as money goes. If your primary goal is to raise awareness and be heard, this is definitely a viable strategy for Spotify promotion.

Spotify Promotion (Direct)

How To Promote Spotify

Another option is to directly promote on the Spotify platform through spotify ad studio. I haven’t used it myself but I have done my research and the reviews are pretty mixed. The best article I could find was Is it worth advertising on Spotify?

They really go into their own experience with Spotify promotion within the platform and you can decide for yourself if thats a route you would like to take or not.

Spotify Promotion

Spotify Promotion is s difficult as everything else. Theres no real instant results without a little creativity and/or money invested. Remember to be creative and figure out how to use what other people are already looking for to traffic them to your own Spotify. 

There is no reason to not be able to promote your Spotify. It is not good enough to just have your music on there. Streaming is the present and the near future. You have to have a base on these major platforms. Hopefully these 5 ways have helped you. If you have any questions or even your own tips, please comment below!

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Spotify Promotion (5 Ways To Promote Your Spotify)
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