The 4 Elements To Perfectly Tell Your Brand Story

Tell Your Brand Story

Knowing how to Tell Your Brand Story is the hands down most neglected area in building a music brand.

Which is ridiculous when you think about the sheer power of story telling in our world.

Why are people religious? They were told a story and bought it.
Why are people afraid of ghosts? Scary stories.
Why do people want to change their lives? They’re sick of their current lives and fall in love with the story they visualize for their futures.

If there is anything you love or follow in life, you can be sure it has to do with your infatuation of the story.

It’s astounding that many artists don’t realize this because if they did, they would begin to use their lives and experiences, both good and bad to present the most interesting movie in the world to their intended audience.

What Makes A Good Music Brand Story?

How To Tell Your Brand Story

There isn’t a linear answer to this question. I’m sure you can attest to be interested in a wide variety of stories, from all kinds of artists. 

In this article, i’m going to break down 4 essential elements to crafting your music brands’ story going forward. First, here is a brief summary of each.


Obviously, characters are the individuals involved in this story. 


The setting is location where this story is being enacted.


The theme may be a recurring message, something your brand will represent and experience.

Narrative Arc

This is essentially the actual story, the sequence of events, past, present and future.

How To Tell Your Brand Story

How To Tell Your Brand Story

Now we’re familiar with our four elements, we’re going to take a deep dive into each one individually. Make sure you answer the questions asked throughout, it also may be a good idea to take notes


The characters are the individuals involved in the story. The protagonist being you. Now let’s take a look at you so we can get a good scope on our main character.

Being totally honest, are you interesting enough?

Artist’s often hold themselves in high regards but extreme honesty is needed here. Remember, you are not the only artist out here so your story has to be told differently or you will not stand out.

You need to think about your life, what you’ve been through and your qualities. Who do you want to become? What do your dreams look like? Consider your family life, your upbringing and the things you’ve done for a living.

These are the things that make you unique and not the fact that you make music. So many artists make the mistake of thinking that being an artist makes them interesting.

In reality – being an artist that hasn’t made it yet is often considered laughable and they’re laughing at you, not with you (Particularly when your ego is out of this world because you think it has to be to be taken seriously) Ironic, right?

Use your individuality to craft yourself into the kind of character people want to see win or at the very least, pay attention to.

The last thing you want to be, is just another rapper. It’s corny.


How To Tell Your Brand Story

Think outside the box on this one. On a basic level people are going to just think of the City/Town/Country they live in however we need to get deeper than that. A good story often has multiple locations.

So let’s think about your settings.

Do you stay at home a lot?
Are you at your job a lot?
Do you go to the skate park?
Do you attend a lot of shows?
Are you always in the studio?

What kind of places do you spend a lot of time in?

When you tell your brand story you need to find ways to work your setting in as much as possible. This is going to help people understand why you are, who you are and also help them relate to you. 

Make sure to use these locations in your videos and photo’s, consider tagging them in your instagram posts. Develop the imagery around you. Think of it like this, you want people to be able to close their eyes and see you at these places.

You need an identity to tell your brand story and setting plays a huge part in that.


How To Tell Your Brand Story

The theme in this instance is the brand message and this needs to be crystal clear. 

When you think of Jay-Z you think of business success and power.
Now think of 2Pac and you think of black empowerment and thug life.
When you think of Diddy you think of glitz, glamour and mogul life.

What does your brand currently say about you? 

I’m going to give you the most common theme that I see on a regular basis online.

Most artists and producers give off a generic vibe, so it’s no surprise when things don’t move for them. So busy chasing the trends that they remain invisible, so frustrated with their lack of movement that they lash out at the internet like it’s not their own fault.

Most are busy sharing other peoples content. You tell them they need to make content and they go make another song like they haven’t made 100 songs already that didn’t go anywhere. They do basic ordinary work for their brand and expect extraordinary results and usually expect a pat on the back from everyone for it.

The common artist or producer is a parody of themselves. A lack of self awareness is not only hurting their lives but it’s also ensuring people don’t invest in them, that goes for their attention, let alone their money.

What’s important to you?

Making money and progressing in life?
Civil rights & equality?
Addiction & recovery?
Family life?

These may just be parts of your life but to others they are the connection to you and your brand. When they login to their social medias they are looking to connect and they have their favourite pages and people that they follow for a reason.

They interact with and share from those pages because they identify with their theme. 

It’s no good just knowing what you theme is either. When you post, when you network, when you create – you must make it very clear. Never let it slip from your mind as you go about your business. Be intentional, be interesting and wear your theme like a badge.

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Using a Narrative Arc To Tell Your Brand Story

Now it’s all good knowing your character, your setting and your theme but what it all comes down to is telling the story. You can be interesting, you can hang out in the coolest places, you can have the greatest story in the world but it’s weaving these things into a story.

When you think of Eminem you think of a man who went from a trailer park and drugs to becoming one of the most skilled rappers to ever exist.

When you think of 50 cent you think of a hustler/drug dealer who lost his mother, got shot 9 times and went on to take the game by store.

People need a story to follow. It’s why they watch movies, play video games and read novels. They want to hear and experience new worlds, lives and situations.

Do you ever finish a movie or video game and you wish there was more? So you look for sequels, spin offs or maybe you run to reddit or facebook, Twitter to discuss or find out information. This is the effect you want to have on others.

Imagine every time you dropped a song or a status update, your fans couldn’t wait for more. What if they started checking your website/socials everyday for new stuff, hanging off your every move?

Thats powerful right?

Start from the beginning.

Be descriptive and create an image in your audiences mind, using all of the other three elements we discussed. Where you came from, what you experienced, how it moulded you.

Think of 3-5 of the most impactful moments in your life but make sure they’re not all negative. Ensure they are relatable and show reference to making you the person you are today. Plot them out in order and then connect the dots, make sure it makes sense.

Tell this story in videos, interviews, your music, your social media posts. Break it up, reveal chunks at a time, leave them hanging on for the next one as we discussed before.

Tell Your Brand Story

It’s important, it’s every reason why someone would follow you and without a story, there can be no progression and nothing to follow. If you found this post interesting and helpful please let me know in the comments.

Also, I would like to expand on this idea by featuring some artists and how they use their stories to build their music brand. If you would be interested in being one of those artists please leave a comment below with a way to contact you.

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The 4 Elements To Perfectly Tell Your Brand Story