5 Intriguing Ways To Come Up With Content

ways to come up with content

As a Digital Marketer i’m sure you are well aware of the importance of a solid content strategy. Consistency can be a task in its self and as such we need to be proactive in finding Ways To Come Up With Content. It can sometimes be easier said than done to come up with content ideas though. 

If you’ve been creating content for a while you may feel you have covered almost everything. This is a rut I found myself in with my first Youtube channel. I was making a video at least 3-4 times a week and whilst I may have been giving value in every video I was crossing the same points pretty often. This is not to say say, don’t pump out the content. It’s just to say make sure you are coming up with fresh ideas which this blog post is hopefully going to help you do.

So without further ado let’s get into it, you have content to make so here are some ways to come up with content.


Ways To Come Up With Content

Social Trends

ways to come up with content
A smart way to come up with content is to just keep your eyes and ears open.

There’s plenty of goings on in the world that are worth speaking on. Whether it be a new software release, a corporate buy out, controversial news in the sector. Anything that is important to people who are involved in your niche.

This kind of content is effective for traffic right now. Social Trend content is the type of content that does very well on social media with sensational and controversial copy. It will get a boom in traffic however in the long run the traffic will slow down. It’s relevance lasts as long as social media cares for it and after that the traffic is going to be coming through from individuals looking for that specifically and will be less often than something that’s more evergreen.

Ask The Audience

ways to come up with content

If you’re in the business of creating content it’s a no brainer that you have to create content your audience is going to appreciate. Sometimes it can be hard to know what exactly it is that they want. Why not get the idea straight from the horses mouth?

Using your social media you could easily just ask your followers what they would like to know more about. This also has the added bonus of increased engagement on social media.
This way you’re guaranteeing that people will have an interest in what you create especially if more than a few people suggest the same thing.


Be Observant

ways to come up with content

Similar to the last way to come up with content we’re going to be getting our content ideas directly from our audience. Instead of asking them directly, we’re going to just be observant and pay attention to them on social media. See people will let you know their problems and difficulties without directly telling you. Often if you read between lines, they will reveal everything.

The complaints they make and the things they moan about stem from problems they don’t have the solution too yet. The content they share is what they resonate with the most. The things they talk about the most are the things they are most interested in. Again, pay attention to things that come up a few times and you’ll certainly find a topic to create content on that will get traffic.


Study More

ways to come up with content

There’s nothing that inspires you to create like learning something new. If your study is consistent you will always have new things to write about. Don’t get caught in the rut I did by recycling similar ideas all the time. Read more books, read more blog posts, watch more videos on youtube. There are plenty of ways for you to discover new knowledge to you.

Do try these things you are learning first. By testing what you are learning for yourself not only will it give you a greater understanding of it, you are also making sure it actually works. Lot’s of things i’ve learned over the years have been a waste of time. Test it out yourself to be able put your own spin on it when it comes to creating content about it.


Self Analyze 

ways to come up with content

When we face our own problems we get a fresh perspective and make some good ground.

This can be beneficial to plenty of other people too, especially if they are facing similar struggles in their own life. Whenever you grow through something, document it. Even if at the time you don’t particularly have the answers, over time through your perseverance you’re going to have great stories to tell and even greater lessons to share.

Often other people can’t find a way through it and hearing it from somebody else’s perspective can change the way they look at their own situation. Doing this is also going to increase the way people relate to you, especially when you can show them how far you’ve come and share you breakthrough with them.

It’s not about sharing this image of perfection. When appealing to real people you need to show them you’re a real person too that has faced the problems they have and made it out of the other side.

Ways To Come Up With Content


There are plenty of ways to come up with content. If you are stuck for ideas I hope at least one of these tips can help you come up with your next piece. I think the most important thing is paying attention to your audience, what they engage with and what they don’t. Like I said earlier they will tell you without telling you. You have to read between the lines and plot ahead of the curve.

If this blog post has inspired you to make some new content, please do me the huge favour of sharing it on one of your social medias. This will help us massively as well as other content creators who are currently going through a creative block.

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5 Intriguing Ways To Come Up With Content That Gets Traffic
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